At Bodegas Pinuaga We offer a variety of wine tours and activities that will help you understand how our wines are made, understand what is organic farming and of course take advantage of the wonderful scenery while having the opportunity to meet all the Pinuaga Team. Our mission is to get our visitors inspired by our winemaking through our respect for the terroir , our values, vision and of course our wines.

You can find the details of all our wine events and how to make a reservation by downloading our catalogue:


  • Winery & Vineyard Visits

    Winery & Vineyard Visits

    For a personal look at Bodegas Pinuaga we invite you to join us for a behind-the-scenes tour where you will learn the family history and winemaking. We will guide you along the fermenting room to the oak barrel barrels and into the cellar where you will learn about our winemaking process from grape to bottle.

    During the visit you will also have the opportunity to visit the and walk around our Vineyards, experience the terroir and the fantastic scenery of vines surrounded by Mediterranean oak trees.

    • Wine Tastings

      Wine Tastings

      Our wine tastings are a calm, rustic experience. You will be able to taste through a selection of our Estate Grown wines while enjoying a stunning views of the surrounding vineyards.

      We always use an easy language so that even the new wine aficionados can  easily capture the esssence of our wines.

      • Large Groups and Private Tastings

        Large Groups and Private Tastings

        The Winery has interior accommodations of over 150m2 with capacity for 50 persons with exterior views to the Vineyards, ideal for company meetings, business lunches, client presentations, tasting, expositions and teambuilding events. Enjoy an event while learning the wine-making process at Bodegas Pinuaga.

        We strive to offer all guests personal attention and outstanding hospitality so we request that parties of 7 or more schedule an appointment directly with our team in advance. Pricing is subject to change. 

        If you are seeking out a more custom experience, we would be pleased to assist you in setting up a private tasting at the winery.  For custom experiences, please contact us at